2021 Stewardship Report

The 2021 Gladstone Healthy Harbour Stewardship Report is a collection of local Stewardship activities, demonstrating what has been achieved, over the past years, to contribute to the continuing good health of the Gladstone Harbour. The Harbour's health is assessed annually by an Independent Science Panel through the Gladstone Healthy Harbour Partnership's (GHHP) Report Card.

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Fact Sheets

GHHP Fact Sheets were developed as an educational tool to provide an extra layer of detail to the report card results.

To learn more about the 2021 Gladstone Harbour Report Card results, please click here.

GHHP Education Resource Kit

The Gladstone Healthy Harbour Partnership has developed an educational resource kit to form part of the school curriculum. The activities and assessment pieces aim at increasing student’s awareness of harbour testing for students from prep to grade 12. The GHHP Education Resource Kit is an effective method to educate students and their families about how the health of the harbour is being monitored, and the kit utilises GHHP resources such as the annual Report Card and children’s story book to create a comprehensive package. The package is aimed at not only building the student’s knowledge of harbour health testing, but also the scientific processes involved. The GHHP Education Resource Kit is providing an opportunity within the education system, for the community to gain an understanding of what is happening locally in the Gladstone region.

The Gladstone Healthy Harbour Partnership Education Resource Kit will provide the following outcomes for GHHP, schools/ students and the community:

  • Community awareness of Gladstone Healthy Harbour Partnership, including the vision, role, and partners
  • An understanding of the science behind the testing of Gladstone Harbour, resulting in the grades provided in the annual Report Card
  • The instigation of family discussion about Harbour Health, with resources taken home and accessed online at home
  • A local example of what is happening now to get a real understanding of environmental, social, economic and cultural science for students
  • Professional development for teachers as to the scientific testing of Gladstone Harbour and the results of the testing
  • An ongoing and sustainable program that ensures the awareness, use and understanding of the Gladstone Harbour Report Card now and in future year.

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GHHP Report Card Videos

Environmental Report Cards

How the Gladstone Harbour Report Card is Structured

Gladstone Harbour Report Card 2019

Report Card Explainer

Report Card Explainer details the Great Barrier Reef (GBR) report card and GBR regional report cards. It visually explains extent of the indicators covered in the report cards and the amount of information that the report cards cover. The Report Card Explainer shows the linkages, similarities and differences across the regions.


GHHP Citizen Science Program

The GHHP Citizen Science Funding Program is aimed at involving the community in the science of monitoring and reporting on Gladstone waterways.

The Citizen Science Funding Program's intention is to allow community based groups, the opportunity to partake in waterway science education, by participating in field-based experiences that would otherwise be inaccessible. The program is an initiative to involve and empower the Gladstone community in the sustainable use and management of waterways and the environmental assets in and around the harbour.

Projects are encouraged to use a number of creative platforms to record and log information and progress (e.g. blogs, videos, pictures and reports). The Citizen Science Program must be interactive, creative, educational, and fun for the Gladstone community, while maintaining a science investigation structure.

GHHP encourage applications from local community groups, schools/school groups and not-for-profit organisations.

GHHP Community Resources

GHHP Children’s Story Books

Storybooks are an innovative method of educating children about how the health of Gladstone Harbour is monitored/tested and the reported on. GHHP has a series of books now released over the last five years. All GHHP storybooks were written and illustrated by local writer Heidi Jones and local artist Ping Carlyon.

The first children’s story book commissioned by GHHP in 2015 was "Gladstone Harbour Barry & Jenny’s Expedition”. This story explains how the monitoring and testing of the harbour is undertaken and why it is so important.

The second edition in the Barry & Jenny storybook series; ‘Barry and Jenny’s Release: Gladstone Harbour Report Card 2016’ illustrates a journey around the Gladstone Harbour. Barry and Jenny’s journey around the harbour sees them visit some iconic landmarks in the Gladstone Region and share the actual results from the 2016 report card with some Gladstone Harbour locals.

The third edition is the series showcases another character from the first two books, Dougie the Dugong. This book is titled Dougie’s Gladstone Harbour Stewardship Study which sees Dougie meet up with all the familiar characters to undertake a Stewardship Study. GHHP defines Stewardship as ‘responsible planning and management actions’. Many of GHHP partners are featured in this edition for the work/projects they are undertaking within the harbour to maintain or improve the health of the Gladstone Harbour.

The fourth book in the series is a repeat of Barry and Jenny’s Release but features the 2019 Report Card results.

The storybooks are provided free to schools in multiple copies to be included in the school’s reader sets. Look out for it to add to your collection.

Winnie the Turtle

Winnie is a beautiful 1.5-metre-long and 1-metre-wide Paper-mâché turtle and she is available to loan for any activity or event.

GHHP 3D Harbour Model

GHHP commissioned a realistic 3D scale model of Gladstone Harbour. The model is used to communicate partnership activities and results of Harbour monitoring. Created by Queensland Company VH Models, the model provides accurate details of the Harbour and surrounding catchments. The model can be seen each year in the Gladstone Library and at Ecofest.

GHHP offer the use or distribution of the GHHP Community Resources at any school or community event. If you are interested in attaining a resource for an event, please email

The Boyne River Catchment Story

The Boyne River Catchment story tells the tale of a single water drop that travels through the Gladstone Region waterways, starting at Awoonga Dam and ending its journey in the Gladstone Harbour. The story focusses on the impact that families, local businesses, industry workers, schools and the rest of the community have on the health of the water that runs through our waterways and ends up in Gladstone Harbour.

The story is a great way to educate children about the impact they can have on the health of our waterways and Gladstone Harbour.