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GAWB Visit

GHHP Staff spent an afternoon with our partner Gladstone Area Water Board, learning about the range of services they provide. Not only do GAWB deliver water, but they provide amazing recreation services; locations for not for profit organisations; run a fish hatchery (undertaking unique research); and ensure the health of turtles. Thank you GAWB for a very interesting and informative afternoon...

Gladstone Harbour Report Card 2016 Release

On Thursday 2 February 2017, GHHP released the Gladstone Harbour Report Card 2017. Queensland Government Minister for Environment and Heritage Protection, Dr Steven Miles, was in attendance to formally release the report card. Other attendees included Gladstone Regional Councillors, GHHP representatives and school students.

Coinciding with the release of the report card was the release of the second edition in GHHP’s storybook series and the newly developed GHHP Education Resource Kits. The storybook “Barry & Jenny’s Release: Gladstone Harbour Report Card 2016” and education resource kits are in the process of being distributed to schools and organisations throughout the Gladstone Region.

Students from two Gladstone Region schools had the opportunity to read the storybook for the first time and even had the privilege to be able to speak and ask questions to Minister Miles at the event.

GHHP would like to extend its thanks to its Partners and everyone involved in developing this year’s report card and the accompanying storybook and resources.

The report card, technical report, storybook and education resources are all available on the GHHP website.

Second Edition Storybook

GHHP are excited to have released the second edition in the Barry & Jenny storybook series; ‘Barry and Jenny’s Release: Gladstone Harbour Report Card 2016’. The book follows Barry and Jenny’s journey around the harbour as they visit some iconic landmarks in the Gladstone Region and share the actual results from the 2016 report card with some Gladstone Harbour locals. The second edition of the Barry and Jenny series was released on Thursday 2 February 2017 and will again be distributed to schools in the Gladstone Region.

GHHP Citizen Science Projects 2017

The Gladstone Healthy Harbour Partnership (GHHP) have contracted community organisations, Port Curtis Harbour Watch and the Boyne Tannum HookUp Association, to implement projects under the GHHP Citizen Science program.

Port Curtis Harbour Watch were provided funding by GHHP to undertake a water quality testing project. The project aims to expand the existing, largely school-based, environmental science program into a community citizen science program. Testing water quality in the harbour exists under the current harbour watch program, but through funding will be expanded to other areas in the broader catchment. The project outcomes are to increase awareness and knowledge of the general public to scientific water testing; and to expand the water quality testing to include parts of the broader catchment.

The Boyne Tannum HookUp Association were also awarded funding as a part of GHHP’s Citizen Science program. The Boyne Tannum HookUp Association will deliver the following four projects:

Fish Catch Data Project

InfoFish are commissioned to catch data for daily fish catches during the three day Boyne Tannum HookUp fishing competition. The data includes fish type, size and location caught through a by-catch and recreational fishing survey.

Marine Debris Clean Up Project

Two waste surveys and collections will be conducted prior to and after the Boyne Tannum HookUp fishing competition. This project would be undertaken with the support of the Boyne Tannum Scouts.

Marine Debris Sculpture Workshop

Over the three days of the event, marine debris from the pre event clean-up will be deposited at Bray Park for a sculpture workshop held for the general public. This project will be undertaken with the support of local artists and relevant organisations.

Barramundi Tracking Project

Barramundi in Awoonga Dam are to be tagged and tracked in anticipation for a spill over to determine the rate of survival, direction of travel and area inhabited in the harbour. This project will be undertaken with the support of GAWB and GPC to fund sonar equipment, boat, marine crew and public awareness campaign.

GHHP are excited for these two organisations to implement their citizen science projects and report back upon the completion of this year’s program.

Welcoming the new GHHP ISP Chair

In July 2016, GHHP welcomed the appointment of our new Independent Science Panel Chair, John Rolfe. John is a resource economist who has specialised in the use of choice modelling and other non-market valuation techniques. He is Professor in the Faculty of Arts, Business, Informatics and Education and a member of the Centre for Environmental Management at the Central Queensland University. John has a number of research interests, including regional development, environmental, resource and agricultural economic issues, resource trade-offs, and economic impact assessment in regional areas.

Gladstone Harbour Report Card 2015 Release

The Gladstone Healthy Harbour Partnership (GHHP) proudly released the Gladstone Harbour Report Card 2015 on 1 February 2016. The report card was officially released by The Hon Dr Steven Miles MP in front of GHHP Partners and community members.

The Gladstone Harbour Report Card 2015 reports on the monitoring results of the environmental, economic, social and cultural health of the harbour.

The Gladstone Harbour Report Card 2015 is based on the results of the testing of 78 measures across the four components of harbour health between July 2014 and June 2015. This is a much wider data set and suite of indicators than what was seen in the Pilot Report Card 2014.

Overall the Gladstone Harbour report Card 2015 results indicate that the environmental health of Gladstone Harbour is a ‘C’, social health is also a ‘C’, economic health is a ‘B’ and cultural health is also a ‘B’.

For a copy of the 2015 report card, technical document and more detailed information, visit the ‘Report Cards’ section on this website.

GHHP is seeking feedback on the 2015 report card from the community and stakeholders; if you wish to be a part of this, go to the ‘Report Cards’ tab and click on the ‘Have your say’ button.

Coastal Waterway Values

Environmental values (EVs) and water quality objectives (WQOs) for Capricorn-Curtis Coast region waters (including Gladstone Harbour), finalised in November 2014, are now included in Schedule 1 of the Environmental Protection (Water) Policy 2009—the EPP Water.

View the final scheduled EVs and WQOs and map plans for the Capricorn-Curtis region.

Consultation on EVs was carried out from 2012 to 2014, including public release of draft EVs and WQOs in 2014. The Fitzroy Basin Association worked collaboratively with the Department of Environment and Heritage Protection in developing EVs for the Capricorn Curtis Coast region waters.

Figure 1: Capricorn and Curtis Coast region waters map (PDF, 729K)*.

The waters include: the Styx, Shoalwater and Water Park Creek Basins, Keppel Bay, the Boyne, Calliope and Curtis Island Basins, including Gladstone Harbour, the Narrows, lower Fitzroy estuary and adjacent Great Barrier Reef coastal waters.